Why Work For Us



We are a Platinum Level Employer

Three years in a row, the Davis Automotive Group has been recognized as a Top 50 Employer in Canada. The Best Employers list, run through Queen's University and compiled by Aon Hewitt, a global HR consulting firm, is determined in large part by surveying employees in the areas of recognition, managing performance, career opportunities, organizational reputation, pay, and senior leadership. These results give our management the direction that will continue to grow each employee, their departments and the dealership as a whole. The Nov. 2014 issue of Maclean's Magazine published the top areas where each company was rated strongest by its employees. In 2012 , the Davis Auto Group was ranked #43 of the Top 50 Best Small & Medium Employers (fewer than 400 employees) and in 2013 ranked #22 of the Top 50 Employers in Canada (over 400 employees).


Family Philosophy

Working for the Davis Automotive Group is a family-centered experience. The core of our business is run by the tight-knit Davis family and we aim to create a family environment in each of our stores. Our philosophy is simple: we follow the Golden Rule and treat our employees the way we were taught to treat other people - with respect, compassion, and understanding. We continually reach out to our employees, asking for their feedback so we can make our working environment an enjoyable one that meets the needs of our staff. At Davis, you'll be heard.


Employee Rewards

The Davis Automotive Group Years of Service Travel Rewards Program was designed to award our valued employees with a chance to get away and relax in some amazing destinations - on us! Every five years, employees are awarded a travel package, increasing in value along the way. Our 20 Years of Service award is the famous Pineapple Escape to Hawaii, valued at over $4,000! We love our employees in little ways too, like when the four Davis boys travel over 1,500 km every December to deliver Christmas turkeys to every employee in the group and shake their hand to say "thank you!"


Top-Shelf Employee Benefit Plans

Our employees work hard for us and we want to take care of them and their families. The Davis Automotive Group provides staff with a comprehensive benefit package that includes both Health and Dental benefits, as well as life insurance. The Group recently upgraded our employee benefit packages with the introduction of an Employee/Employer RRSP plan, that includes contributions by the Davis Automotive Group.


Annual Review Process

Every employee in the Davis Automotive Group participates in an Annual Review Process that includes both performance and compensation review. This review process creates an open discussion on how the employee can improve their performance. This same review process also gives our employees an open forum with their manager to explain what they as managers can do to nurture the needs of the individual.


Community Involvement

Our organization strives to make itself a cornerstone in every Alberta community we do business in. We strongly value community involvement in athletics, education, and health. All of our dealerships work hard to create a positive presence in the community, as well as a strong brand for the Davis Automotive Group.

Lethbridge Community Giving | Airdrie Community Giving | Medicine Hat Community Giving | Barrhead Community Giving


Ongoing Training

Our Groups driving force is to keep getting better and the only way to do that is to keep learning and growing as we move forward. Employee learning and development are strongly supported within the Davis Automotive Group. Opportunities to gain new skills are made available to all employees in order to grow and develop within their chosen roles in each dealership. Effective processes are in place to help determine and identify these developmental needs.